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Quick Introduction

Fluxions is a 3D graphics engine designed to make prototyping scientific visualizations or creating computer games using OpenGL. It is designed to be used with several open-source, cross-platform libraries. One major design point was to have a simplified GLUT interface and a more extensive SDL interface. Fluxions makes use of C++ STL, boost (for non-C++0x compilers), libxml, berkeley sockets, SDL, and SDL_image. Fluxions is split into several different subcomponents:
  • Fluxions - GLSL OpenGL 3D Engine
  • XOR - Simple OpenGL based graphics library for basic 2D/3D game programs
  • Viperfish - Application Framework and Graphical User Interface
  • KASL - Simple Scripting Language and Expression Calculator
  • libmfg - Utilities and general purpose tools and classes


You need Visual C++ 2010 to compile Fluxions. You will also need the GLEW library, GLUT library, SDL library, and SDL_image library to compile. More libraries may be required as development continues. Libxml2 and Python are expected to be needed by version 0.1.

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