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Project Description
Fluxions is a 3D Graphics Engine designed to make writing simple graphics or visualization projects easy. It is ideal for writing computer games or scientific type work where you need to easily prototype an idea. It includes support for writing OpenGL apps with GLUT or SDL.

Fluxions is a 3D engine for developing scientific visualizations and games with a low amount of coding overhead. It is designed to make writing native C++ graphics applications easy and immediately productive. For the first 0.1 version, the following features are planned:
  • Fluxions
    • Fluxions Resource Library
      • Images
      • Static 3D Models
      • GLSL Shaders
      • Scene Graph Nodes
      • Bitmap Fonts
    • Vector/Matrix Library
  • Viperfish
    • Application Framework
    • GLUT Tempalte
    • SDL Template
    • Label and Button Widgets
  • KASL
    • Python Scripting Support
    • Console Engine with Expression Calculator Support
  • XOR
    • Multi Layered Background
    • Animated 2D and 3D Sprites
  • libmfg
    • Random Number Generator
    • Millisecond Accurate Timer
    • Acyclic Tree Data Structures

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